My days in a social service camp

I have traveled to different countries around the world. I consider it the best way to refresh my minds when the daily work schedules start bothering my happiness. During my journeys I have come across various kinds of people. Some of them were extremely rich and could afford all the luxury in the world. They moved around in posh cars and lived in houses that were larger than palaces. They had lots of attendants at their homes and offices to take care of their needs.

They were the fortunate ones who had nothing to worry about other than multiplying the millions that they possess.

Well, I have also come across the less fortunate ones in this world, the ones who could not even afford the basic necessities in life. Few years ago, I got a chance to visit a social service camp in the northern part of Africa. It was a great experience.

I was invited by one of my friends in Africa who was part of the social service camp’s organizing committee. The objective of the camp was to provide education to all possible people attending the camp. There were also different sessions that were intended at providing guidance to the people to make them self efficient in order to earn a job.

They believed that lots of people in the country were out of shelter and starving on most days because they could not fetch a job themselves. Most of these people resorted to begging in order to earn their daily bread but it could not fill their stomachs every time. Hence, some of them started working in order to survive in the world. The social service camp was organized in order to reduce unemployed and to help the needy find a job to support them. The basic help as well as the capital required for the same was provided by the organizers.

It was a tough job to communicate with most of participants because majority of the people were angry at the entire human race. They believed that the chaotic life that they were facing was forced upon them by the society. Our counselors did a great job by talking with a consoling tone and changed their mindsets in a good manner. To change their lives, the first thing that was to be done was to create a positive mindset.

The social encampment was for duration of two months during which we could identify the skill sets of all the participants. We could hence train them in order to fetch a job. After the training we managed to get each one a job with which they could earn sufficient money to live life without hunger. When we were finally done with the camp, each one of us was a happy soul who succeeded in doing something good for mankind.

Best And Unforgettable Hollywood Television Series

We all are highly related to television as it is supposed to be our companion after coming back to house after whole stressful day out. It is also well thought out as one of the best option for removing whole day’s stress and tiredness. There are a number of television series are available which are best as well as unforgettable till now. People don’t remove these shoes from their memories. We are going to talk about some of these television series which make people sit together for a while before their television set and enjoy it all their families. Come let’s talk about some of the best unforgettable Hollywood television series of all times.

In the year 2001 this series came on air. This is the story of a young boy named as Clark Kent who struggled to find his place in the world as he learned about his powers. This story emphasises on the struggle of young boy for good against the bad. Along with it how he’ll mange to deal with own typical teenage problems. This show was accessorised with the performance of stars like Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk. 

How I Met Your Mother
 This is the story of a person named Ted. Who is sharing experience with children how he found their mother the love of life. This is a very cute and simple show with a perfect blend of emotions, romance as well as of humour. This show was aired in the year 2005. This story revolves round Ted who is from New York and searching his love of life staring Jason segel, Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulder.

Sex and the city
This show is the story of four beautiful women who are from New York and chitchat about their sex life and its problems. Meanwhile search out some ways to solve issue of being a woman in early 90’s. The star cast comprise of  Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. 

Hannah Montana
This show was a great craze at the time being aired. This story revolves round a girl, Miley Stewart who sifted from Tennessee to Malibu for a new inning of her life. The show highlighted her duel life one of a simple girl Miley and another as a famous pop star Hannah Montana. It was really fun to see how she handles all her issues and both the life at a time with the help of her friends and her father as well as her manager Robbie Stewart. The star cast comprises with Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jaon Earles, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

A happy day at work

I still remember the day when we all were recruited to the one of the top most MNC’s in North Florida. Natalia was scrolling her finger from top to bottom to look for the shortlisted names. She just jumped out with excitement. We three were selected, Jean, Natalia and me. It was one of my greatest dreams do our internship together. The real hardship was yet to begin. We never knew it was that tough to pass through the training period, but frankly speaking it was.

Not many could surpass it, but fortunately we made it and were posted in different sectors.It was my first day at office. I was posted in the software testing section. I was told to wait in the guest room. The whole atmosphere felt odd to me; maybe I was a bit tensed. The room was completely air conditioned with see through glasses on every side. My mind was really disturbed and a bit tensed too. This is for the first time I am entering into a new world full of strange faces. My hands were getting cold and couldn’t believe myself that I am a professional now. Till yesterday, my world was entirely different, free of tensions, responsibilities and was easy going. But now on things are going to change. All these thoughts were eating my mind.  When I glanced through glazed glass I could see many guys and gals busy with their own respective works. They looked professional in all respects, indeed they were. 

There were multicoloured cubicles and neatly hoarded posters with positive thoughts.  My mind was stuck for a second on those motivational quotes. Suddenly one guy came in; guess from the HR section and directed me to another room. He checked through my appointment letter and had a glance at my certificates. “So you are into testing?” I nodded my head in a gesture of approving it. He smiled and extended his hand. “Welcome to the family Kathy and I am Kyle, the HR head.” I felt a sense of relief with his friendly approach. Later Kyle introduced me to the officials out there and then to my team members. The team comprised of eight including me, seven guys and 2 gals.

They were really friendly and very co-operative. From that moment onwards I too felt like I am a true professional. My first project was assigned to start for the day. The greatest strength in me was my confidence in testing field. Initially I felt a bit difficult to keep up with the pace but within few minutes geared up and finished my work well before time. I was so happy and excited when my boss appreciated my work in front all. The day just went perfect.

Why it is recommended to read VPS web hosting reviews before going with any of the VPS services

If you are planning to launch your own website for any of the purposes, then the first and the most important thing that you need to have along your side is a virtual private server or VPS. This is known to be the most important thing, as without that, you won’t be able to get your website online.

One can surely find a good number of vps web hosting – check and service providers who are known to be the best in this industry, but a whole lot of them are true, as they do have much capacity to fulfill all of their promises, and this is one of the reasons why it is recommended that one should read VPS reviews when going with one of them. These reviews gives you accessibility to know more about all such services in the best possible manners, as the reviews are written after the service is tested in different ways.

Following are some of the reasons why it is recommended to read VPS hosting reviews before going with any of the services:

Reality about the service
You will get to know about the reality of the service provided. Each and every virtual private server service provider comes up with huge claims, but over this review site you will get to know about the reality of different services, so that you may have complete knowledge about the services offered before you select one of them.

Real uptime and space
Via this virtual private server review site, you will get to know about the real uptime and space that is offered by virtual private server service providers, hence allowing you to judge and analyze whether that service will be beneficial for you or not!

Besides the basic plan, you will get to know about each and every pricing plan that a company is offering to the consumers, so that you may have an idea that what type of different services you can avail when you go with a package plan that is of higher worth.

In order to attract more and more people to their virtual private server, such companies offer different types of bonuses from time to time. If there are any bonuses or special package that is offered by a VPS you will get to know about it in the first place, so that you will be aware about all the bonuses, so that you can avail them in any way you want.

All of the above are some of the reasons why it is recommended that one should read VPS reviews before going with any of the services, as it would allow you to save yourself from any bad decision that you would made regarding to hosting services.

My first visit to London

After traveling quite a few places around the world this summer, I thought to pen down my experiences of this tour. There were many places like Moscow, Egypt and Paris which I visited many times before but London was that place in this tour which I visited for the first time. It was such an awesome experience that I don’t have enough words to describe it. There are so many areas to explore in this city that a tour for a week was just not sufficient.

From the time of landing in the Heathrow Airport and getting back here to leave the city, there are so many memories that I am taking back with me.History has always been the subject of interest for me. So I spent much time in visiting the historic sites and trust me, you may be interested in history or not but all those historic sites are worth visiting at least one in a life time.

I’ve visited Big Ben located at Westminster. The HM tower of London, Churchill War Rooms are the two must visit places according to me. The HM tower though famous for its barbarous acts in the past, is worth visiting not just for it being the first zoo of London but has a lot more to explore and know about the place.

The Buckingham Palace, The Albert Memorial and The Hampton Court palace are the other places which completely justified the time I spent there.

These places are so rightly maintained that they made me feel that I was in the 18th century. It is not just the Historic sites but many other tourist attractions that will make any traveler fall in love with this place. The ambiance and food of most of the restaurants here are world class. Whenever you visit this place, do not leave before tasting fresh smoked fish. I could find almost all the cuisines of the world and hence never had any problem finding good food.

It is a very warm place for tourist as the people around are quite helpful.  There are so many:

  • monuments
  • theme parks
  • museums
  • bridges

to visit that even a month will be a very little time to visit all the areas. The cathedrals as well as the small churches over here are so beautiful that you are sure to get mesmerized. The Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral are the places which I visited. With hundreds of such places still left to see I am sure to come back to London for next holiday trip. If you have never visited London ever, my personal suggestion will be to come here for sure whenever possible.

Why My Family Is Important to Me?

Humans are social animals and they need friends and relatives to survive. In the early days of evolution of man, people lived in civilisations and colonies just for the feeling of brotherhood and protection. It was not that they could not have survived on their own but they needed companions so that they overcame their fears of loneliness and the fears of getting attacked by enemies.

This is how we have evolved and this is how the trend keeps setting itself.

Being born in a country where traditions are inculcated amongst societies and values are passed on among generations, I have always been strongly bonded to my relations. The mannerisms that I have inculcated, the good habits, the God gifts that I have inherited are all credited to my family. When you grow up as kids you also grow up as individuals; this is when your family plays an important role in bringing you up, handling all your tantrums and see you transform from a spoilt brat to a well groomed individual. Although you might have a company of your closest friends; as the saying goes ‘blood is thicker than water’ your family stands by you through thick and thin. They are the ones who support you come what may. They give you shelter; they give you support and the mental strength to fight the worst situations of your life.

My experience
Narrowing down to share my personal experience; I would say that my folks are very close to my heart given the situations that we have faced and surfaced through the worst of them. My mother brought me up as a single parent since I was three. Seeing my mother go through some of the rough patches of her life that too single handed made me mature as a person at a very young age. As of now when I pursue my post-graduation; all the encouragement, the force to study further came from my mother, unless her I would never have reached where I am today. Losing your soul mate at an early age and having a little daughter to bring up never pulled down my mother. From what I have seen of her I would definitely appreciate her for being very just and strict to me.

She has nurtured me like a gardener nourishing its saplings; and now I have become a fruit laden tree who can give his gardener all the joys that he deserves.I value my family for making me what I am today. I would always be indebted to my relations for inculcating great values into me and teaching me good manners to become a good human being. The disciplined person that my friends see today has been well groomed only by her mother; precisely by her relatives!