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Beware-Low Calorie Diet can Be Dangerous

low calorie diet

Weight loss is a big industry. And this industry very well understands the desperate situation of millions who wish to lose their weight. In fact this industry has gone to extents where they sell magical powders which can help in weight loss by just sprinkling it on the meal. Sounds similar to a fairy tale, isn’t it?

Most of you reading this won’t believe that most diets out there don’t work. The worst part is that you, consciously know, that a particular diet is impossible in weight loss or is dangerous. Yet, to get that slim look, where you can compare yourself with celebrities, you don’t care shelling dollars for it. Such a weight loss tactic is the low calorie diet.

What is the Low calorie diet?

The low calorie diet is very popular among people who are followers of the HCG diet. I don’t care how the diet works or if it really helps in weight loss. What I really care about is that the low calorie diet is dangerous.

How exactly is it dangerous?

A common human being requires a minimum of 3000 calories per day. If the calorie is reduced significantly then there is a high possibility that such a person is not getting all the nutrients required by the body. For example, people following the low calorie diet will have to follow a strict calorie restriction of 1200 calories or 800 calories per day. In some worst cases the calorie intake per day is so much reduced that it gets down to 500 calorie per day. Now, I would say that is totally madness.

When your body fails to get the entire nutrient in the long run, the side effects are worse when compared to the weight lost. Therefore, you will lose weight with the low calorie diet but the side effects will do more harm than the weight had done.

Side Effects:

The most common side effects with low calorie diets is constipation, fatigue and weakness. Although, after getting back to normal diet these may disappear.


If you are still mad about losing weight through the use of low calorie diet then I strongly recommend get the advice from your physician. If your physician assures you to towards the low calorie diet then you can take your first step towards it.